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Fran Bowman

It's All About Fit

Fran Bowman became a full time Huntingdon County resident 6 years ago, coming from Lancaster County.  About four years ago she wanted to relearn how to knit and crochet.  Fran met a wonderful group of women that are very knowledgeable and encouraging everyone to attempt new skills.

Her experience with clothing construction has provided Fran with an interest in knitting vests and sweaters that fit her shape.  She looks forward to sharing her understanding of how to get a better fit.

Oneta Carter

Needle Felting 2-D
Holiday Ornament

Oneta Carter is a newly transplanted Fiber Artist to Pennsylvania! Hailing from the deep South,  with over 10 years of  bringing her creative imagination to life with her award winning 3-D needle felting creations !

Oneta loves to play in fiber from spinning, knitting , crochet and of course felting !!


Marie Campbell

Out of This World Necklace

Marie has taught classes in beading for 20 years, mostly to chapter, regional and national seminars for The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, as a follow up to her former life as a professor of American culture.  She has exhibited wearable bead art and bead sculptures throughout the country.


Barbara Dann

Tumbling Triangles

Barbara Dann is a passionate quilter with too many ideas and never enough time! She's a Certified Instructor for Studio 180 Design and Sue Pelland Designs. She teaches at guilds, quilt shops and quilt shows. Barbara's classes are relaxed, informative, and fun. She enjoys teaching quilters of all skill levels and shares many tips and techniques that make piecing and applique easier, faster and more accurate.

Tom McClain

Decorative Knot Tying

Tom McClain was interested in knots and ropes at a very young age.  He was fascinated with ropes enjoyed “rigging” block and tackle systems using toy  pulley he built or found in science kits or plundered from toy construction sets.

Scouting provided Tom with ample opportunity to further his interests in knots.  He joined Cub Scouting and then continued into Boy Scouting, obtaining Arrow of Light and the Eagle Scout rank, respectively.  He excelled in the areas of Scoutcraft (Pioneering) and Handicraft (Indian Lore).

Tom served 9 years on Camp Staff at Seven Mountains Scout Camp (1987 - 1995).  Much of this time devoted to work in the Handicraft and Scoutcraft areas.  At this time, he was exposed to several  nautical and decorative knot boards and a life-long exploration (obsession) of applied/practical knots ensued.

Tom blended his love of the outdoors, geology, and knot tying through rock climbing/rappelling endeavors which further expanded his “knot knowledge.”

Today, Tom continues his zeal for decorative knotting, climbing anchors/rigging, and has furthered his “studies” into the areas of braided leather/horse tack and paracord art.  He is still active in Scouting and commonly found drinking coffee and tying knots at events.

Ginny Mutti

Yarn 101

Ginny is an adventurous knitter and weaver, eagerly trying knew techniques and patterns, and almost inevitably modifying patterns to fit her taste, her preferred techniques or the yarn she has on hand.

Her experience as a spinner has proven very helpful in her various fiber adventures.

Understanding the structure of yarn can be an important tool in making informed decisions on what yarn will work for any given project freeing the crafter to experiment, to contemplate substitutions, and avoid making unfortunate mistakes.

Anita Nwaobilo

Sashiko Sampler

Rebecca Smith

Upcycling with Paper

Nan Tischler

Quilting with Silk Flowers

Nan acquired her skills from art classes in landscape painting using oils and watercolors.

In 1975 I made my first "Art" quilt and loved it!! The rest is history and I have been quilting ever since!






Sharon Wall

Designing Fabulous Fabric

Dawn Woodle

Not Your Grandmother's Embroidery

Joan Yoder

Beginning Quilting (Piecing)


Joan Yoder's quilting journey began at age 16 and continues today.  She is basically self taught but enjoy taking classes when she can, making lots of ‘practice’ pieces, and honing my speed piecing skills.

Joan has become a speed piecer out of necessity.  Using modern techniques to create traditional patterns fascinates her.

Most of her teaching has been one-on-one or with a group of quilting friends.  Joan loves to share her knowledge and skills with anyone willing to learn or try a new idea. Creating quilts for friends and family to love is a passion.  The basics of fabric, threads, machines and a ¼” seam can empower anyone who wants to piece & quilt.














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