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2017 Instructors TBD


This is a list of 2016 Instructors


Oneta Carter

3D Felted Pumpking & acorn
3D Felted Sheep

Oneta Carter is a newly transplanted Fiber Artist to Pennsylvania! Hailing from the deep South,  with over 10 years of  bringing her creative imagination to life with her award winning 3-D needle felting creations !

Oneta loves to play in fiber from spinning, knitting , crochet and of course felting !!

Marie Campbell

Beads & Braids Eye Candy

Marie has taught classes in beading for 20 years, mostly to chapter, regional and national seminars for The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, as a follow up to her former life as a professor of American culture.  She has exhibited wearable bead art and bead sculptures throughout the country.


Diane Kelly

Pleasures of Plying

At the age of three, Diane was entertained with a bag of fabric scraps while her mother sewed. That was the beginning of an ongoing love of fabrics and fibers for her. She has been weaving for over 20 years and was a technical editor for Interweave Press and XRX for 12 years, working on both Handwoven magazine and numerous books. Diane has written articles for both Weaver's and Handwoven, and currently edits ebooks. She teaches weaving, spinning, and knitting.

Diane owns Firesong Studio, a weaving studio and yarn shop, in Bedford, PA (in the old county jail!) and lives on a farm where she raises purebred Bluefaced Leicester and BFL crossbred sheep.

Tom McClain

Intro to Decorative Knot Tying

Tom McClain was interested in knots and ropes at a very young age.  He was fascinated with ropes enjoyed “rigging” block and tackle systems using toy  pulley he built or found in science kits or plundered from toy construction sets.

Scouting provided Tom with ample opportunity to further his interests in knots.  He joined Cub Scouting and then continued into Boy Scouting, obtaining Arrow of Light and the Eagle Scout rank, respectively.  He excelled in the areas of Scoutcraft (Pioneering) and Handicraft (Indian Lore).

Tom served 9 years on Camp Staff at Seven Mountains Scout Camp (1987 - 1995).  Much of this time devoted to work in the Handicraft and Scoutcraft areas.  At this time, he was exposed to several  nautical and decorative knot boards and a life-long exploration (obsession) of applied/practical knots ensued.

Tom blended his love of the outdoors, geology, and knot tying through rock climbing/rappelling endeavors which further expanded his “knot knowledge.”

Today, Tom continues his zeal for decorative knotting, climbing anchors/rigging, and has furthered his “studies” into the areas of braided leather/horse tack and paracord art.  He is still active in Scouting and commonly found drinking coffee and tying knots at events.

Ginny Mutti

Intro to Natural Dyeing
Wool Dyeing 101

Ginny Mutti is a self taught dyer. She have informally taught dyeing on several occasions over the years.

Ginny has experience with using synthetic dyes and with using natural dyes. There are wonderful effects one can get by dyeing and it can be a little daunting to know how to begin and how to be a responsible dyer when using chemicals, dyes, and even plant material that you can gather. Ginny wants dyeing to be fun but safe and properly done so that the colors are stable and worthy of any project.

Shelley Shaffer

Moebius Cowl
Top Down Knitting
Beginning Knitting
Beaded Ornament

Shelley Shaffer, is the owner of B’ewe’tiful Knits Yarn Boutique in Clarion, PA. She started knitting as a young girl with her grandmother and has been in love with fiber ever since. Since opening the yarn shop she has engaged young and old alike into the wonderful world of fiber. Taking them from knitting or crocheting scarfs to I’m ready, let’s go! Currently she is also teaching fleece to fiber classes. With the opportunities afforded of the surrounding fiber farms, Shelley am able to engage students to learn how yarn is truly created.

Shelley has taught at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet for the past 5 years.  These classes have ranged from learning to knit to designing your first sweater.

Nan Tischler

Landscape Wall Quilt

Nan acquired her skills from art classes in landscape painting using oils and watercolors.

In 1975 I made my first "Art" quilt and loved it!! The rest is history and I have been quilting ever since!




Lynda West

Wet Felted Art Scarf
Wet Felted Purse

Lynda West owns and operates a farm (West Heritage Farm) raising fiber sheep and a fiber minimill (Ten Mile Fiber) producing artisan yarns.

Lynda began working with fiber as a pre-teen and has taught fiber related classes for over 20 years.  She has taught classes in knitting, crocheting, weaving, wheel and spindle spinning, natural and chemical dying, and felting.

Lynda has taught in a variety of venues including community colleges, fiber festivals, fiber guilds, her home studio and other community settings.

Follow her activities on the web and on Facebook as TenMileFiberMill and WestHeritgeFarm.

Yvonne Wilson

Hand Qulting 101

After seeing a lap quilting class on TV 25 years ago, Yvonne decided to give quilting a try.  After taking many quilt classes, reading oodles of quilt books and attending numerous quilt shows, quilting has become my passion.

Her quilting style tends toward the beautiful old-fashioned techniques of hand applique and hand quilting.  A few of her original quilt designs have won awards from Keepsake Quilting, Country Woman Magazine, the Huntingdon County Fair and the Red Bud Quilt Show.  Her quilts have also appeared in the Lancaster Quilt Show.

Yvonne lives in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania with her husband, Steve, and she enjoy walking in the great outdoors, reading mysteries and vegetarian cooking.

Joan Yoder

Beginning Quilting (Piecing)


Joan Yoder's quilting journey began at age 16 and continues today.  She is basically self taught but enjoy taking classes when she can, making lots of ‘practice’ pieces, and honing my speed piecing skills.

Joan has become a speed piecer out of necessity.  Using modern techniques to create traditional patterns fascinates her.

Most of her teaching has been one-on-one or with a group of quilting friends.  Joan loves to share her knowledge and skills with anyone willing to learn or try a new idea. Creating quilts for friends and family to love is a passion.  The basics of fabric, threads, machines and a ¼” seam can empower anyone who wants to piece & quilt.














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